Soal dan Jawaban Syntax Linux Redhat Lengkap Part 2

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    36.        The interpreter that executes commands typed as strings

       a. Shell                                                       c. Command

 b. Prompt                                                   d. Option

    37.    The visual cue that indicates an interactive shell is waiting for the user to type a command

       a. Shell                                                       c. Command

 b. Prompt                                                   d. Option

    38.    The name of a program to run

       a. Prompt                                                   c. Option

 b. Command                                              d. Argument

    39.    The part of the command line that adjusts the behavior of a command

       a. Option                                                   c. Physical console

 b. Argument                                              d. Command

    40.    The part of the command line that specifies the target that the command should operate on

       a. Virtual console                                      c. Option

 b. Terminal                                                d. Argument

    41.    Re-execute a recent command by matching the command name

       a. !string                                                    c. Tab

 b. !number                                                 d. Ctrl+z

    42.    This directory contains dynamic configuration data such as FTP and webs

       a. /usr                                                         c. /var

 b. /etc                                                         d. /root

    43.    Regular user commands and utilities are located here

       a. /usr/bin                                                   c. /etc

 b. /usr/sbin                                                 d. /usr

    44.    System administration binaries for root use are here

       a. /usr/bin                                                   c. /etc

 b. /usr/sbin                                                 d. /usr

    45.    Temporary files are stored here

       a. /var                                                         c. /tmp

 b. /usr/bin                                                   d. /etc

    46.    Shortcut used to complete commands. file names. and options

       a. Tab                                                         c. Ctrl

 b. Shift                                                      d. Esc

    47.    Contains dynamic. non-persistent application runtime data

       a. /tmp                                                       c. /run

 b. /var                                                        d. /root

    48.    Contains installed software programs and libraries

       a. /usr                                                         c. /usr/sbin

       b. /usr/bin                                                  d. /run

    49.    Return to the most previous working directory

       a. cd -                                                        c. cd bin

 b. cd ../..                                                    d. cd ..

    50.    Move up two levels from the current location

       a. cd ../..                                                     c. cd -

 b. cd bin                                                    d. cd

    51.  List the current location (long format) with hidden files

       a. ls -al                                                       c. ls -l ~

 b. ls -l                                                         d. ls -al ~

    52.  Only filenames containing a "b"

       a. *b*                                                         c. [!b]*

 b. b*                                                          d. "b"

    53.  Send command output to file, errors to different file

       a. 2>/dev/null                                            c. &>file

 b. > file 2> /dev/null                                  d. >file 2>file2

    54.  Send output and errors to the same new, empty file

      a. &>file                                                    c. | tee file

 b. &>/dev/null                                           d. >>file 2>&1

    55.  Send output and errors to the same file but preserve existing file content

       a. | tee file                                                 c. >>file 2>&1

 b. 2>/dev/null                                            d. &>/dev/null

    56.  Contents may be modified by the user betty

       a. rfile1                                                      c. lfile1

 b. rfile2                                                      d. lfile2

    57.  Messages related to system startup are logged here

a. /var/log/secure                                        c. /var/log/boot.log

b. /var/log/cron                                          d. /var/log/secure

     58.  The following picture means


     a. IP address cannot be a network address

     b. this configuration is feasible

     c. gateway is not on the same subnet

     d. invalid IPv4 address

    59.          The following picture means


       a. name resolution is not configured         c. gateway is not on the same subnet

 b. this configuration is feasible                 d. invalid IPv4 address

    60.    The processor type required for a specific package

       a. Changelog                                             c. Architecture

 b. Version                                                  d. Repository

    61.    A collection of RPM packages and package groups

       a. Version                                                  c. Changelog

 b. Release                                                  d. Repository

    62.    Used to verify the source and integrity of a package

       a. GPG signature                                       c. Changelog

 b. Repository                                             d. Architecture

    63.    Gracefully stop a virtual machine

       a. destroy                                                   c. reboot

 b. shutdown                                              d. undefine

    64.    Single system hardware providing KVM support

       a. Red Hat Enterprise Linux                     c. RHEL OpenStack platform

       b. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization        d. RHEV-M

    65.    Multiple system hardware providing virtualized redundancy

       a. RHEL OpenStack platform                  c. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

       b. Red Hat Enterprise Linux                    d. OpenStack in public cloud

    66.    Multiple system hardware providing private cloud

       a. RHEV-M                                               c. virt-manager

 b. RHEL OpenStack platform                  d. CloudForms

    67.    Cloud provider providing public cloud

       a. CloudForms                                           c. OpenStack in public cloud

 b. virt-manager                                          d. RHEL OpenStack platform

    68.    Management utility for standalone KVM hosts

       a. virt-manager                                          c. RHEV-M

 b. Red Hat Enterprise Linux                     d. CloudForms

    69.    Management utility for multiple host virtualization platform

 a. RHEV-M                                             c. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

 b. RHEL OpenStack platfoem                  d. OpenStack in public cloud

    70.    Management utility for all virtualization and cloud platforms combined

       a. Red Hat Enterprise Linux                     c. CloudForms

 b. OpenStack in public cloud                    d. virt-manager

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